Victory Ministries Church International

HOW could we not go into my favourite radio show 2OCEANS VIBE where we were greeted so warmly by the fabulous Miss Baby Schneider! Ever since last year our hearts were stolen by super sexy DJ Ricci.. So I was very eager to get boy crushed all over again. However who thought I would actually be so charmed by sweet sweet Baby girl crush galore! Your golden angel had lotsa fun talking about great legs, pride, angel duties and style inspirations. I also spread the word of the holy one, the only one, the one to whom all the lovers are drawn..KYLIE MINOGUE! If you haven’t noticed by now in the world of Ivo Leo she is the Ultimate One I honestly have to thank her for inspirations to most of my costumes, for making me dance endlessly and for the way “all the lovers”, the defining favourite song of my life, set my love free to move mountains.

Anyhow, ahem.. I always get a bit carried away when talking about Kylie, LOL! So back to my beloved Baby, haha really love the name We all had quite a joll in studio with her. After taking more photos, signing her wall and chatting to her 2 studio directors we went on a little shopping trip through Melrose Arch where i found myself causing quite a little stir as you can imagine. I was just shocked to find that shops are very discriminately built against angels. The aisles are too narrow, ceilings are often too low and there is no heavenly express queue for those who work in Kylie’s celestial servitude. Very upsetting, lol.. so much so that your angel is now dead tired and going home to watch a movie and pass out. My roomie and the others went to Beefcakes to support Odidiva’s first show of the season here in Jozi (well done to you babe!).. so I am wishing her and obviously you my angels a well deserved good night! x